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Identity Group Project Outline

Group Project Outline


Where are people NOW that were involved in integrated sports/orchestras?

We want to explore how the Israelis and Palestinians can come to a solution to the conflict through shared identities, such as sport and music. In class, we have looked into the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, and we are interested in finding out where some of the children are today that once took part in this marvelous program. As for sport, we can look at how major sports figures are portrayed and portray themselves and if that can help officials work towards peace.

Thesis: How can we come closer to coming to a peace agreement through integrated identities?
*I think it might be helpful and add some structure if we explain the music/sport are identifiers that can/are shared between people on both sides. Also, if we focus on the youth/just over youth aged age group. We can think about where people are that were involved with the Orchestra/sport, and what they are doing now. 

Identity: A Constant Through the Conflict
·         Thesis: shared identities, such as music and sport, help shape and create like minded youth – can this foster leaders that are open to peacefully coming to a solution?
·         We have the basic structure for our thesis, we just need to start researching so we can find out which way we are going to argue (can shared identities create like minded youth? Can this foster effective leaders?)
·         Music
o   West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – where are some of the people now that took part in this orchestra?
o   Music is based on listening – if children are learning to listen at a young age and through the means of music, do they grow up to listen to the “other” with sympathy?
·         Sport
o   One of the angles we want to look at is from the children’s perspective.  Are there any children’s leagues that coexist Arab and Israeli children? We believe that one of the overarching possible solutions to the conflict is children and sports are an outlet to pushing politics aside.
o   Professional sports in Israel: Are there any teams that have both Arab and Israeli players? If so, how do they coexist? Have there been any problems between any of these players? Sports are unique where people can do something different without thinking about the bigger picture and we want to see how it is helping (or hurting) the conflict.

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